With the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ recent reset of the Doomsday Clock ahead to two minutes to midnight, we need some uplifting news to distract us from how close we are to the nuclear abyss. Thankfully, we have a banal sex scandal to divert our attention.

But wait — that’s also connected to the president. We should be grateful to Stormy Daniels (et al.) for diverting the attention of “45” away from the nuclear button. And too, there’s the soap-opera-like drama of “will he or won’t he” fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller for doing his job of investigating 45′s role as Putin’s lapdog.

But after 15 months of the Trump family vaudeville act, we really don’t need a professional porn actress or an ersatz soap opera to threaten to reveal the president’s “junk.” It’s all there in public view; only the dwindling Trump base (aptly named) is impervious to the stark reality of what a lowlife their unchivalrous paladin really is.

One is left with the Ciceronian exclamation that every first-year Latin student is forced to memorize (and never forget): Quo usque tandem abutere, Catalina, patientia nostra?” — “How long, o Cataline, will you abuse our patience?” How could something from the 63 B.C. Roman Senate’s political turmoil be relevant today? You decide. Resistance or capitulation? Get back to me. I’m in the book.

Robert Jedrzejewski


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