The FatCat News takes you deeper into the sport you love with insider conversations about swimming. Hosts Coleman Hodges, Garrett McCaffrey and gold medalist Mel Stewart invite both the biggest names in swimming you already know and the rising stars you need to get to know better and talk about the past, present and future of aquatic sports on SwimSwam.

We met Erica Sullivan, 1500 Olympic silver medalist and newly appointed “new lesbian supreme.” Erica took us through her summer, starting with the Olympic trials, where she was stressed to the point where she couldn’t eat or sleep. Even after making the Olympic team in the 1,500, Sullivan admits that she felt devastated and not like she expected this lifelong dream.

After battling her illness after qualifying and getting back on track at training camp, Sullivan tells us about her Olympic experience, which she describes as much more fulfilling. She was able to relax more, sleep better, and perform the way she wanted to (with the exception of cramping her toes behind the blocks during the final run of the 1500). Finally, she talks about the recognition she received when she held a press conference and showed the world her true identity, to which she had remained faithful for so many years.

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