Dubai Tourism has launched a new global campaign, Dubai Presents, featuring Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Zac Efron.

The campaign invites travelers, experience seekers, storytellers and creatives from around the world to put themselves in place, write their own script and star in their own cinematic adventure, with breathtaking locations as the perfect backdrop.

Directed by Guild of Directors Award-winning director Craig Gillespie, the campaign includes a series of six short film trailers in various genres, each of which takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the city.

Kicking off the campaign with a high-adrenaline spy action film, Alba and Efron will also star in a series of trailers of different genres that will be released sequentially over four months.

As Dubai continues to keep its doors open to global markets, the city is ready to welcome visitors and meet the growing demand for a quality vacation full of adventure, romance and culture.

Dubai Tourism continues to communicate with audiences in key international markets to attract travelers to the city.

Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Tourism and Commercial Marketing Corporation (Dubai Tourism), said: “We are very excited to launch our new ‘Dubai Presents’ campaign.

In a series of trailers, we highlight the locations, majestic landscapes, rich culture and diversity of the city, inviting travelers from around the world to visit Dubai and create their own epic adventure.”

“With this latest video, we’re taking the destination narrative to the next level, showcasing Dubai as a city that showcases the cultures of more than 200 nationalities and offers a wide range of diverse experiences for the entire family, further cementing its reputation as the best place in the world to live, work and visit.”

Conceived as a global 360 campaign, Dubai Presents will launch in 27 global markets.

In the U.K., the campaign will be featured on television, out-of-home, cinema, digital and social media.

In addition to six celebrity-led spots, the campaign also includes a series of teasers about gastronomy, nature, outdoor activities and self-deprecating vacations in Dubai.

Dubai recently turned one year old in July, and according to Dubai Tourism, the city welcomed 3.7 million overnight visitors in the 11-month period from July to May 2021, 194,000 of whom were from the United Kingdom.

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