Dame Products is a company with a mission: not only to sell high-quality sex toys, but also to empower its customers in their sex lives. Co-founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman set out to solve an obvious problem – women have less pleasure and men are less likely to cum during sex, also known as the “pleasure gap.”

“When we started, we were one of the few companies led by people with vulvas making sex toys, and we knew firsthand the kind of anatomy we were designing for,” Fine tells Glamour. Since most people with vulvas require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, they decided to create a toy that would allow for easy clitoral stimulation during penetration – so the Eva vibrator was born.

Since then, they’ve put together a collection of thoughtful toys that help vulva wearers increase pleasure and knowledge of their bodies. “We use direct customer feedback and open dialogues to create design, research and development,” Fine explains. “Our research division, Dame Labs, teaches us to apply extensive analysis, intelligent design principles and – perhaps most importantly – empathy. From the type of product stimulation to the placement of each button, we test every detail on real people to make sure we’re offering real bedroom solutions, not just prescribing what we think people want or need.”

The company’s executives are also openly in favor of destigmatizing women’s sexual pleasure. When they were denied the right to advertise their products in the New York City subway, Fine and Lieberman sued the MTA, prompting publications like The New York Times (and Glamour) to take notice of the double standard in sexual advertising. Dame also promotes sex education by publishing articles with advice and information about sex on her Swell blog. “We want to make sure all people have access to the products and solutions they need, and continue to fight the stigma surrounding sexuality and sex toys in particular,” Fine says.

Clients appreciate Dame for its thoughtful, inclusive presentation of information and understanding of their needs. If you want to explore what the brand has to offer, here are some of Dame’s top sex toys that have earned high praise from users.

Eva Hands-Free Vibrator

Sex Toys

Key Benefits: The brand’s first product and the best-selling sex toy ever on Indiegogo. This little vibrator fits on your clitoris and stays there during intercourse. How does it work? Its little legs rest against your labia, so you can get clitoral stimulation during sex without having to hold it there yourself. But don’t be fooled: for such a tiny toy, the Eva has powerful vibration thanks to a three-speed motor.

What customers are saying: “This is the cutest little toy! It fits so well and when used with a partner the sensation is amazing. The vibration is strong enough to provide the best sensations. I have the pink color and love it. The charging dock is so small and simple and the quality seems great!” -Sarina R.

Fin Finger Vibrator

Sex Toys

Key Benefits: This discreet finger vibrator also holds a special place in history as the first sex toy ever introduced in a Kickstarter campaign. Like Eva, it’s designed for easy use during sex: it fits between your fingers, so your partner can use it to fondle you, or you can use it yourself to diversify your masturbation session. It’s small and soft, so it’s great for people who are just getting started with sex toys and want to start with something non-intimidating.

What customers are saying: “Small. Powerful. A great addition to any game. Great punch for its size, and so easy to play with.” Yes. Yes. Yes!!!” -Sarah D.

Suction cup toy

Key Benefits: Suction-type toys like this one are some of the most powerful sex toys out there. In fact, instead of vibrating on the clitoris, it gently sucks it in – think of it as a clitoral blowjob. Such toys have been known to help achieve orgasm for those who have not been able to do so before, or to give multiple orgasms to those who normally experience a single one. In particular, the Aer is designed to mimic the movements of the tongue, so it’s sure to please oral sex lovers.

What buyers are saying: “Incredible. I’ve never used this type of toy before, and my first experience lasted about 10 seconds. I don’t experience orgasm from penetration, so I’ve always used vibrators, my partner’s hands or mouth to achieve it. The intensity and muscles that are engaged to achieve orgasm with the Aer are completely different – much deeper, as if the Aer is pulling the sensation from my belly outward. It’s amazing.” -Nancy L.

Flexible Vibrator Pom

Key Benefits: Made of soft, bendable silicone with five vibration modes, this cute, compact vibrator is built for comfort and versatility. It has a small tongue that can be used to target clitoral (or nipple, or wherever) stimulation, as well as a flat surface that provides a wider buzz.

What Customers Say: “I experienced the most momentous, soul-uniting orgasm when I used the POM. The outer material is so soft, and the buttons are intuitively placed, making it easy to give your body what it needs when it needs it.” -Emily M.

Arc G-Spot Vibrator

Key Benefits: As the name implies, this internal vibration has a curve to reach the G-spot, the most sensitive area inside the vagina for many vulval wearers. You can also easily use the head of this toy for clitoral stimulation. And as for vibration, the Arc has the strongest motor of any Dame toy.

What customers are saying: “It’s AMAZING! Seriously, I’ve never understood multifunctional vibrating models/settings – they just don’t make sense for my body – but this toy is really smart! The vibrating models make so much sense, it’s just wild! The surface is silky smooth and the design is great. I have another toy from another company that is shaped like an arc, but the head is hard and honestly, it hurts to insert/remove. However, Dame’s Arc has a soft, slightly squishy head, and it doesn’t cause any discomfort going in and out. A really quality toy and very easy to use!” -Allie P.

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