No matter your gender, anatomy, or sexuality, there is a couples toy for you.

No matter who you’re having sex with, there are awesome couples sex toys you can use with your partner, from clit vibrators and chopsticks to plugs and lubricants. Here are 16 of the best sex toys for couples of all genders and sexual orientations that will work for beginners and more experienced ones alike.

couples sex toys – tenga egg lovers heart textured masturbator

We’ve admired these eggs before and we can’t stop. They are affordable and make for the world’s best handmade. If you’re with a man or partner with a penis: Squeeze the included lube into the soft masturbation sleeve and jerk off like there’s no tomorrow. The textures inside provide the kind of extra stimulation that takes the humble handjob to several levels.

sex toys for couples – lovehoney wild weekend mega set of sex toys for couples

If you’re new to couples sex toys, this couples sex toy set from Lovehoney is a great place to start. It includes vibrators, cock rings, a butt plug, and anal beads. It’s a great way to find out what kind of sensations and types of toys you like when you use them together. Although individual toys are pretty cheap and not terrific quality, you can always use this set to see which toys you would like to upgrade and spend more money on in the future.

sex toys for couples – rocks off ass berry vibrating butt plug

This adorable miniature butt plug is a great way for couples to experience anal play for the first time. No matter who you’re having sex with, if they (or you) are up for it, anal stimulation can be a lot of fun. If you’re interested, here’s a guide to first time anal play. If they have a prostate, they may even want to orgasm from the pi point.

sex toys for couples – bamboo bullet vibrator rocks off

If you’re just starting to experiment with toys with your partner, the bullet is a classic way to start. Rocks Off make the best bullet vibrators because they’re powerful, incredibly well made and drumroll, please rechargeable so you don’t have to mess around with batteries. This little vibrator can be great fun for your partner to stimulate your clitoris while you play.

sex toys for couples – blowyo extreme wave textured blowjob stroker

If you want to try a couples sex toy that you can use on your male or penis partner, this textured nozzle from BlowYo is a very fun option. You put some lube on them or inside the toy and then jerk off as if you were massaging with your hands. The textures inside provide the most unreal and pleasant stimulation.

sex toys for couples – fifty shades of gray lost in each other rechargeable bunny love ring

If you’re a man/woman or penis/vagina couple and are looking for a couples sex toy that you can use and enjoy at the same time, this vibrating penis ring is perfect. Put the ring on the base of your partner’s penis (using plenty of water-based lubricant for added comfort and pleasure), then turn on the vibrator. Position your clit within vibrating distance of these adorable (but powerful) bunny ears and come off. The ring will send vibration down his shaft and also make him harder for longer. Victory after victory.

couples sex toys – lovehoney wicked weekend jumbo couples sex toy kit (12pcs)

Lovehoney says, “In this huge box of goodies, you’ll find toys to enhance pleasure, from buzzing vibrations to bondage accessories to update your toy drawer.”

sex toys for couples – womanizer starlet rechargeable clitoral stimulator

Clitoral stimulator sex toys are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Instead of vibrating on the clitoris, it sends out pressure waves that mimic the sensations of oral sex. So you can use it on a woman or partner with a clitoris, and they can use it on you.

sex toys for couples – lelo lily 2 luxury rechargeable clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrators are a really nice, fun and enjoyable way to use sex toys as a couple (plus, they can also be used on their own when masturbating…) Let your partner use it on you to stimulate your entire vulva – including your clitoris, of course. He can switch settings and tease you in the process.

sex toys for couples – lovehoney excite 10 functional finger vibrator

Finger vibrators are great, affordable and fun sex toys for couples. You put it on your finger or your partner’s finger and then use it to direct vibration to your clitoris. Fingering just got more vibrant.

couples sex toys – we-vibe chorus couples vibrator with app and remote control

We-Vibe is a sex toy brand known for its amazing technology. Designed to be worn during penetrative sex, this toy vibrates and stimulates both partners. It’s also controlled by an app and remote control, so it can be used when you’re together or even many, many miles away. Lovehoney says, “Raise your voices together, because the Chorus easily fits between you and adds exciting vibrations to your lovemaking. Hands-free and comfortable to wear, the Chorus adjusts the intensity of the vibration depending on the strength of your grip, so it’s totally tailored to you.”

sex toys for couples – lelo tor™ 2 vibrating penis ring

This cock ring is one of the best we’ve ever used. It’s durable (which is important), feels amazing against your skin and has a strong AF if that’s what you want. Different settings and patterns mean you can determine what works for both you and your partner and then go for it. The nozzle is put on the end of your penis, and when you turn it on, the motors direct vibration to its shaft. If you have a vulva, you can position it so that the vibrator also feels good on your clitoris (stand on top!).

sex toys for couples – doxy heavy duty massage stick vibrator

Wand vibrators are perfect for couples because you can use them on yourself to stimulate your clitoris (and entire vulva), and your partner can also use them on you/he. Sticks like the Doxy are very powerful, if that’s what you want. They’re sturdy, well made, and a hell of a lot of fun.

sex toys for couples – dame products fin finger vibrator

Fin is a finger vibrator that you or your partner puts on yourself while stimulating the other. This is a really interesting sex toy for couples as it is not intimidating, very small and can be easily grabbed in a moment of pleasure/passion.

sex toys for couples – lovehoney unisex strap-on set for beginners with 5 inch pegging dildo

Pegging can be a lot of fun if you have a male partner or partner with a penis and want to play with the power dynamic a little. You put on this adorable beginner strap-on and harness and use it to anal penetrate your partner. Be sure to proceed slowly, use plenty of water-based lube, and constantly check it to make sure he’s comfortable and enjoying himself.

sex toys for couples – we-vibe sync couples vibrator

The We-Vibe Sync is a super-tech toy that you wear during sex to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris so you can both enjoy vibration and extra stimulation. Plus, it’s controlled remotely – or you can control it through an app on your phone, so it’s perfect for long-distance couples – so you don’t have to fumble with it and interrupt the flow of sex.

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