Haas plans to address Mick Schumacher’s position in the car for the next Formula 1 race in Hungary after he has been driving at a crooked angle so far this season.

Last month, F1 rookie Schumacher revealed that he had been sitting crooked in the car since his debut at Haas earlier this year.

But this was not due to a seat problem, but to Schumacher’s own figure peculiarities, which have caused him to face a similar scenario throughout his junior career.

Schumacher asked Sebastian Vettel, a four-time Formula One world champion, for advice on his seat displacement, and Haas only learned of the problem from his mother Corinna at Paul Ricard.

Haas F1 team boss Günther Steiner said last week at Silverstone that the plan is to have a new seat made for next weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix to fix the situation.

“We hope it won’t be crooked, next,” Steiner said. “I talked to Mick when we were at the factory on Tuesday, and we laughed a little bit about it because it came out so loud, this crooked seat story.

“I’m sure it will be ready for Hungary. If we get it done on Monday, it will be ready for Hungary. But whether it will be crooked or not, I don’t know yet.

“The plan is to have a straight seat in Hungary.”

In order for that to happen, Schumacher said the seat has to be offset to compensate for its natural position.

“The seat is symmetrical, and I’m not – and it took me long enough to figure that out,” Schumacher said. “But again, I think the point is that now we have to do a curved seat so I have a central position in the car.”

Last month in Austria, Schumacher said the seat offset was a “small” and “secondary issue” for the Haas team in his debut Formula One season.

The German driver has beaten teammate Nikita Mazepin in all but one Grand Prix this year and beat him at the track in seven of the nine races in which they have both finished.

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