Lil Nas X triumphantly ended all gay connotations associated with his hip-hop career by releasing the single “Industry Baby” on Thursday (July 22).

The record was a follow-up to the “Satan Shoes” fiasco and the second single released for his upcoming debut album, Montero. Musically, the energetic number puts the “Old Town Road” rapper in a maze of auto-tuned, horn-dotted Kanye West rhythm (actually released).

The official “Industry Baby” music video, directed by Christian Breslauer, was unveiled Monday (July 19) in a court that convicted Lil Nas X of homosexuality and appears to have sentenced him.

The full-length video, which is set in a maximum-security prison, is not lacking in vivid detail. As you can see from the YouTube screenshot, the cinematic clip challenges the non-existent boundaries of sexual commerce, instead opting to use fully nude male dancers to push gratuitous nudity.

There’s also an unpolished prison cell, despite the glittery Grammy awards and platinum plaques, a nod to the classic Shawshank Redemption movie, the electric chair and more milkshakes for the boys in the yards.

Jack Harlow – whose character acts as heterosexual balance throughout the prison frenzy – took to Twitter as the video dominated social media and YouTube, and talked about how proud he was to be engraved with “Industry Baby” bait.

Naturally, he did it Jack Harlow-style.

“[Lil Nas X] wrote all the processing for this video, and I followed his instructions every step of the way,” the “Tyler Herro” rapper wrote. “If he asked me to do a shower scene, I would have done it. I just let the master cook. I’m honored to be a part of it.”

He then teased his newfound collaborator with a semi-erotic black-and-white photo from the music video photo shoot.

But Trollmaster Theroux had the last laugh, finding the most animated “Jack Harlow is in a gay video” tweets and posting them to his six million Twitter users.

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