Qatar reopens to foreign travelers who have been fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

A new set of measures has also been adopted to make travel to Qatar as easy as possible, while taking the necessary precautions to further protect against the spread of the virus.

The new measures will allow fully vaccinated people to visit Qatar without the need for quarantine.

The measures will also make it easier for citizens and residents to enter and leave the country, allowing fully vaccinated people to bypass the quarantine requirement when returning to Qatar.

All visitors, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, will be required to undergo a PCR test 72 hours before travel.

Nevertheless, travelers are advised to check the entry requirements for the country from which they are traveling to Qatar and to which they will be returning from Qatar before booking flights and understand that these rules may change with very little notice, the local tourism authority said in a statement.

In order to visit Qatar, foreign visitors, nationals and residents must register and upload the necessary documents, such as an immunization certificate, a valid PCR test 72 hours before travel and personal information through the Ehteraz website.

In addition, visitor visa rules apply for some nationalities, but more than 80 nationalities can visit Qatar with a free visa on arrival.

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