In the Dark Season 3 just started on The CW and has been renewed for a fourth season. When will you be able to see part three on Netflix and will it appear in other regions? Let’s take a look.

If you’re not familiar with the comedy series starring Perry Mattfeld, Brooke Markham and Morgan Krantz, it’s about a blind woman named Murphy who begins her story as a murder witness. The series has changed a lot since the original plot, but still maintains high ratings.

The series has been streaming on Netflix, at least in the U.S., since July 2019.

As we said, like many of The CW’s other series, “In the Dark” has received an extension for a fourth season, so there’s more to come if you’re dreading diving into a series that’s ending.

The series is gaining traction on Netflix. For the first time this year, we were able to track its popularity to some degree on Netflix. After adding a second season last July, the series was in the top 10 in the U.S. for 17 days.

When will season 3 of the series “In the Dark” be released on Netflix US?
Before the third season of “In the Dark” is available in the U.S., the series is scheduled to air on The CW.

Traditionally, new seasons air in the spring and wrap up in the summer. In the case of Season 3, this was not the case, as production was delayed due to, you guessed it, a global pandemic.

Instead, Season 3 began airing on June 23, 2021. A total of 13 episodes are expected, which means that the finale will air around mid-September 2021.

As with previous seasons, new episodes will appear on Netflix eight days after the final season airs. This is part of the contract with The CW, which includes much of the current production, including “All America,” Season 3 and “Dynasty,” Season 4.

In short, we won’t see the third season of “Into Darkness” on Netflix until around September 2021. Once filming is complete, we don’t expect any further problems.

Will “In the Dark” get other regions of Netflix?
Currently, as of July 2020, the series “In the Dark” is only released in the United States. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to change.

Netflix has been making fewer and fewer international distribution deals with The CW in recent years, and In the Dark has unfortunately not yet been picked up by Netflix. That may change, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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