They didn’t want a reunion, even if it was possible.

Dispatch found out that two members of IZONE had no intention of reuniting, and also gave details about the IZONE reunion project and some of the details behind it.

Based on Dispatch’s information, they revealed that of the 12 band members, two were not going to reunite, even if they were offered to do so. All of the members shared their plans for the future. The band members are not mentioned by name, only letters are listed as identifiers instead. One member was not mentioned.

  • Members A and B were not going to agree to a reunion.
  • Members B, C, D, and E were considering individual activities.
  • Members F and G took a break before deciding on further action.
  • Members H and I looked forward to reuniting or resuming the group, but that possibility does not seem possible.
  • Members J and K shared their commitment to a possible band reunion, but also acknowledged that the reality that it would happen is very small.

Dispatch also analyzed the IZ*ONE relaunch project and answered some frequently asked questions based on their findings.

Q: How much money has been raised so far?

A: So far, they have raised ₩574 million KRW (about $502,000) through Wadiz (a deferred payment site that accepts the amount after the deadline). The total amount collected is ₩3.21 billion KRW (about $2.81 million).

Q: Will the money be delivered to IZ*ONE? How about a refund? The rewards?

A: No. According to the relaunch committee, the money is a means to show WIZONE’s purchasing power. They do it to show that IZONE fans are willing to spend at least ₩3.21 billion KRW (about $2.81 million). If fans want their money back, their request will be granted, but only for a specified period of time. Fans who have contributed have the option of receiving IZ*ONE merchandise, concert tickets or fan club memberships. If a reunion does not happen, no rewards will be given out either.

Q: Is a reunion possible? What did the committee do and what did the agencies say?

A: The reunion committee said they contacted the agencies about the reunion. Dispatch also checked with each member agency, and most agencies said they never discussed the reopening with the committee. The committee said that they sent a registered letter to each agency about the relaunch and told their donors that most agencies agreed — only one Korean agency and a Japanese member agency disagreed. However, most agencies refused to answer the question, and one even said it had not received the letter.

Q: CJ ENM has officially announced that there will be no reunification. What is the committee doing?

A: They are still accepting funding through Wadiz until August 2. They are continuing with their Plan B and say they are still contacting member agencies. Even though there may not be a possibility of a full group reunion, the committee is still looking to create a unified group and will send an updated proposal to the agencies.

Q: Is the creation of a group realistic?

A: CJ representatives have already stated that it is not possible. The agencies are already planning events for their artists who were in IZ*ONE. There may be a chance for J and K members to form a group, but there are many variables that will need to be taken into consideration.

Q: Who are the leaders of the committee?

A: There are seven representatives. 5 from IZONE’s DC Inside gallery, one person who manages large-scale operations, and our legal advisor. The gallery says that the overall direction of their plan will be determined in conjunction with WIZONE.

In the end, the committee will not give up on their reunion plans and will continue discussions with both CJ ENM and the member agencies. Only time will tell if their efforts will be successful or not.

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