nike sb sandy zoomx bruin
nike sb sandy zoomx bruin
nike sb sandy zoomx bruin

06 July 2021 – For Nike visionary leader Sandy Bodeker, the passion for skateboarding was a tacit recognition that the sport could change the way people think about potential. Throughout its history, skateboarding has challenged the status quo. Whether it’s redefining empty swimming pools or discovering discrete trails in urban landscapes, skateboarders have breathed new life into the environment, while creating new styles, tricks and techniques in the process. The dynamic evolution of the sport has led to inclusion this summer in Tokyo, and even after reaching new competitive heights, the sport has never stopped celebrating the joy of creativity.

It’s fitting that the Nike SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin pays homage to Bodeker’s vision and the energy of skateboarding.

The design of the shoe is based on another of Bodeker’s projects – the quest to break the two-hour marathon barrier and the subsequent invention of NEXT% running technology. Bodeker believed this idea could be applied to skateboarding, and in the Nike SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin this belief was translated through the athlete’s intuition to create the most complete skateboarding competition tool imaginable.

At its core is an insertable midsole that combines ultra-durable Nike ZoomX foam for cushioning and a full-length carbon fibre plate for increased performance. It’s certainly radical, yet hidden within the classic Bruin silhouette beloved for decades. Another progressive twist, again taken from Breaking2, is skateboarding’s first Flyknit upper, formed from material that has been imprinted with Mark Smith’s Blue Sky Dreamer portrait of Bodeker, which hangs in the Bodeker Foundation premises in Portland, Oregon.

The Nike SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin will be available in limited quantities in Tokyo this summer.

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