If you’ve seen something you want to watch on a streaming service but it’s not available in your country, or you’re tired of “content not available in your area” messages, there’s a cheap and easy solution to your online entertainment problems: IPVanish. IPVanish is one of the best VPNs and a longtime favorite of ours. Not only will this virtual private network protect you from online dangers, but it also allows you to enjoy Netflix and other entertainment platforms that are closed to your region. Sound interesting? Here’s what you need to know.

Virtual private networks are mostly used for privacy and security when you’re online, and while they’re great for that, VPNs have other often-overlooked features. The way a VPN, such as IPVanish, works is by routing your Internet connection through remote servers that are managed by a virtual private network service. The connection is fully encrypted from tip to tip – in other words, from your computer (or any other device connected to the Internet) to the Web site or service you’re connecting to, creating a sort of “tunnel” that protects your Internet traffic and any data it contains.

While the privacy and security implications here are obvious, connecting through IPVanish VPN servers has the added benefit of allowing you to effectively mask the geographic location that websites and services see when you connect to them. For example, if you’re outside the United States, you can connect to an IPVanish server located in that country, and any website or service you use will treat that as your location. This allows you to easily bypass regional restrictions on content, such as censored Web sites and streaming, especially streaming apps like Netflix, which regularly imposes such restrictions on its paid subscribers.

Of course, this works both ways, and not just for Netflix. Users in the U.S. can connect to any of IPVanish’s 1,600-plus servers around the world to access similar content blocked by region and censorship, and there are many other sites and services that restrict access based on geography/ YouTube is one of the most common that comes to mind, and you’ve almost certainly encountered an annoying “Content not available in your country” error message when trying to watch videos.

IPVanish is one of the top-rated VPN providers in the world, but it doesn’t cost that much – and this introductory offer for new customers makes it even more worthwhile. New subscribers can sign up and get the first year of IPVanish VPN services for $29 right now. After that, the VPN package will be $90 a year, which is only $7.50 a month. You can also upgrade to the VPN + Backup package, which adds automatic online storage, lost data recovery and remote device wiping for $32 for the first year (then $100 a year after that).

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